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Cohesion Policy for the high-school students

The International Initiatives

Thanks to the international initiatives launched in 2019 in collaboration with the European Commission - DG REGIO, the ASOC - At the School of OpenCohesion educational course programme is now available, in addition to Italian, also in English, French, German, Bulgarian, Croatian, Catalan, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish and Slovenian.

The multilingual didactic apparatus is available to all those — students, teachers, institutional representatives, communities of citizens — who are interested in engaging in a path of deepening towards a better awareness and knowledge of public investment policies in the territories

To date, the ASOC model has been transferred, adapted and implemented to Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Slovenia.

In addition, a new international initiative based on the ASOC model, called ASOC ETC (European Territorial Cooperation) has been launched since 2021. The initiative, realised also thanks to the support of the INTERACT programme, includes the active participation of the Managing Authorities of the Interreg Italy-Croatia and Interreg Marittimo-IT FR-Maritime programmes and the involvement of pairs of schools from the participating countries, each of which is called to observe the same project, freely selected by the participating teams in the context of Interreg programmes. 
Various activities are ongoing, also in collaboration with the European Commission, to promote, extend and consolidate ASOC in other countries.

Watch all the ASOC EU videos at this LINK!

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