Open Data, Civic Monitoring,

Cohesion Policy for the high-school students

ASOC Stories


ASOC Stories represents a content published monthly that describes the impact of the civic monitoring actions carried out by the students of the "At the School of OpenCohesion" project on the operations financed in Italy by cohesion policies.

A journey that invites the reader to meet the students “beyond the school desks” and directly in the territories where stories of concrete changes take shape thanks to the activities carried out by the ASOC teams.

Students who choose to be involved actively in the civic monitoring are "explorers" and performers of local territory animation actions. These students are in constant interaction and dialogue with local Administrations, they learn to manage relations with public institutions and work to ensure that their civic commitment contributes to improving the life of the communities and citizens.

ASOC Stories is the space dedicated to the collection and narration of these stories, having the new generations that act bottom-up to become protagonists of change, whether small or bigger one.