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Cohesion Policy for the high-school students

ASOC starts in Slovenia!

25 September 2023


With the introductory webinar held last September 21st, the ASOC project started in an experimental form also in Slovenia.

The initiative is part of the international activities At the School of Open Cohesion (ASOC EU) which have so far involved Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Portugal and Spain. It was made possible thanks to the commitment of the Slovenian Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development – Department of Communication and International Affairs, which, following a proposal from the European Commission, worked closely with the Italian staff to prepare and adapt all teaching and project materials in the Slovenian language.

The main innovation of the ASOC experimentation in Slovenia consists in the decision, by the Slovenian Ministry, to entrust the management of the pilot project to the NGO PiNA, specialized in innovative teaching and civic participation projects.

Association for Culture and Education PiNA has been actively working towards the regional, national and international social development. Its contributions are evident in many already completed and ongoing projects, which among others, seek to strengthen and contribute to the education sector and try to build an inclusive and democratic environment, where different social groups and individuals can actively participate. Today, PiNA is a EUROPE DIRECT Information Centre, a regional NGO's HUB, a national CERV contact point and a youth centre with the status of operating in the public interest in the field of youth, culture and development cooperation.

As in Italy and in the other EU countries where ASOC has landed, in Slovenia too the educational path is aimed at all types of secondary schools, and combines civic education, acquisition of digital and statistical skills and data journalism with transversal skills such as development critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and interpersonal and communication skills.

In the school year 2023/24, 8 high schools from different Slovenian regions are participating in the pilot project: Koper Economic and Business High School, Koper High Technical School, Šempeter Biotechnical School, Nova Gorica High School, Ormož High School, Ljubljana High School for Teachers, High School and Art High School, SIC Ljubljana, IC Piramida Maribor: Secondary school for nutrition and food science.

The official ASOC Slovenia website is already active, reachable at this link:

We extend a warm welcome and best wishes for good work to all the students, teachers and project representatives of ASOC Slovenia!