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Cohesion Policy for the high-school students

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<p>The project chosen by our team, The Changing Theatre, is a concluded project actualized this year called "Kick The COVID". This project got in act during the month of August and it involved the Erasmus. Its purpose was that of a cultural exchange between people who do art or are involved in theatre, mixing it with the Italian culture and a tradition of our city called "Chiena", from where the project "Kick The COVID" takes his name. The project was based on the organization of the funds from the EU which were divided by the organizers and promoters to be used between the project itself and other events such as field trips, cultural exchanges and gadgets.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Our team is formed by the class III AD (sophomore year/10° grade) of our highschool. The reason behind the name of our team, " The Changing Theatre ", is given by the fact that our research is based on the Dioscuri Theater by monitoring the chosen project both socially and financially.</p>

<p>Our logo was chosen by the class during one of our lessons .</p>

<p>Benedetta has been chosen to be the storyteller of our project because she has experience in writing, acting and singing.</p>

<p>Our logo is Totó, a famous Neopoletan actor who is the simbol of comic theather in italy. In fact he was nicknamed the 'prince of laughter' and he was considered one of the major interpreter of cinema and theather's history.</p>

<p>Our class has wanted to be more inclusive talking about theater while doing several activities: power point's elaboration, labs, many group works, lessons with our mother tongue teachers but most of all we got some advice and information from one of the organizers, member of the Dioscuri Theater.</p>