Open Data, Civic Monitoring,

Cohesion Policy for the high-school students


Titolo del Pitch: 
KICK THE COVID! by The Dioscuri Theatre
Pitch 1: 

'Kick the covid' by the Dei Dioscuri


°The heart of our project is to represent the art and

traditions of the historic town of Campagna.

°The decision that has been taken is to continue to

collaborate with Erasmus to spread Italian art.

°The data we have found are the expenses paid such as: the

travel on the territory, gadgets, posters and partner trips.

°The objective of our research is to make cultural exchanges,

so as to disseminate what are the oldest and most

interesting traditions of the town of Campagna.

Pitch 2: 

Description of the significant parts of the


● Our blog is about the origin of our project of

cultural exchange financed by the European Union, whose

funds were shared by the organisers and promoters.

● The most significant stages of our interviews are:

the impact of the 'Chiena' on the territory and the 'Gerione'.

● We found that it was a great opportunity to

discover the culture and art of other nations, integrate ourselves

with them and discover new art forms.

Pitch 3: 

Proposals and follow-up

● One proposal for continued follow-up is to

to increase the number of jobs where there is a greater use of

creativity, so as to make it more fun to

realise and more enjoyable to watch.

● Another proposal could be to create other

similar events in the future.

● The last proposal is to do an interview

directly with the creator of the Opencohesion project.

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