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Cohesion Policy for the high-school students


Titolo del Pitch: 
Discoveries of trHUBstevere.
Pitch 1:

The project was chosen by the group for the impact that It would have on them personally as most of the people found that they would be likely to use the services which would be offered by the station. Everybody also felt that the reduction in car reliance and use would improve greatly both traffic and the CO2 emissions.

Pitch 2: 

As of currently the project Is proceding with significant delay as due to COVID It was postponed by nearly three years, thus, as of now, the only work being done Is the repaving of the Road. This Is also extremely important to allow the installation of charging stations, One of the main next steps, alongside making the bus transport more efficient and allowing a safe Place for scooters and bikes rent and drop off.

Pitch 3: 

The next step for our monitorage will undoubtedly be mostly on-site as we lack any reliable method to regularly contact the people in charge of the project, this means that during this next stage we will mostly rely not only on our own travels through the station but also online pictures done by other commuters. These factors might seem an indication that as soon as the physical work on the hub is over the project will be finished, but we still will have to check if rentable scooters and bikes become easily available and if their quantity is sufficient. For these  jobs we will be split in groups, each one charged with surveying one particular aspect, also such as public opinion but also if the reduced number of parking spots has reduced the traffic flow.

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