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Completion metro of Naples - line 1

The famous Naples station located at Piazza Garibaldi has two lanes: line 1 and line 2.
In the following project we will talk about Line 1, which connects the terminus Garibaldi/ Capodichino.
The fateful choice of this project is linked to our origins and to what surrounds us every day, we were attracted and impressed by this theme because it is what is used every day and that we hope in a future that can improve its sustainability.
The trajectory of the route that runs along the line we choose, is certainly not small, in fact, generally speaking, a metro station consumes more or less 550,000 kWh only in one year. Referring specifically to our line, the trajectory is three minutes with an energy consumption of 0.1  kWh.The " Exraordinary plan" of sanitization of the means of transport most exposed to the risk of bacterial contamination is active.     Frequentaly, Line 1 Metro are affected by the extraordinary pest control measures in addition to routine maintenance plans on all means of the ANM transport and premises open to the public.The preventive measures adopted to protect passengers and workes engaged in the service, is among the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health.