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The Cemetery of Poggioreale and its background

Unfortunately there was an unexpected and intense influx of water during the excavation of
the second tunnel that from the station of Poggioreale goes up to Capodichino.
The considerable flow of water and debris caused the flooding of the building site of the
station under construction and yields to the ground at the bottom of the cemetery of
Poggioreale, with major damage to cemetery structures.
The cause of the collapse seems to be an accident during the excavations of a tunnel of the
Metro, but to be sure it will be necessary to wait for the results of the technical surveys and
the investigation that the Public Prosecutor has initiated, arranging the seizure of the area
affected by the collapse.
The Metro of Naples and the companies executing the work are committed to securing the
entire area with consolidation of the land.
In the next few days, all the necessary steps will be taken to resume the work safely.
Meanwhile, faced with the rubble and destruction of the coffins destroyed, mounts the
bitterness and discouragement not only of the relatives of the deceased directly affected by
this accident, but of all in front of a city that, for one reason or another, continues to fall apart.
The leaders of the two brotherhoods involved in the collapse of the building have taken
action for a census of the damaged bodies, in the hope of being able to identify and rebuild
the remains.
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