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Cohesion Policy for the high-school students

Output richiesto Data journalism article

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Write your data journalism article following  the suggestions provided in STEP 5.

How to organize your data journalism article:

  • The first block of the article must be dedicated to a general description of the data analysed and the context you want to describe in the form of a Data Journalism article.
  • The central section of the article is for processing and illustrating the data. This part of the text must also refer to static and dynamic images that you have loaded in the relevant fields (see below). Images should therefore be cited in this part of the text (example: See Fig. 1 – FIGURE TITLE).
  • The last section of the article is dedicated to concluding remarks on the information drawn from the data. What have you discovered? Does the information you found answer the questions initially asked? Have you collected or anticipated collecting other data on the subject? Where there unexpected results or did they confirm your hypotheses? 

There is a maximum of 5000 characters (spaces included) for the entire article.

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Data journalism