Open Data, Civic Monitoring,

Cohesion Policy for the high-school students

Territorial Networks

Schools that participate in ASOC may be assisted in their area by the European Direct Information Centres (EDICs), by the “Friends of ASOC” NGOs and associations, and by experts at Istat (National Institute of Statistics) regional offices, who are trained on the issues of civic monitoring and cohesion policy along with the participating students and teachers.

Selecting one or more sources of support from the regional networks is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended in order to enhance the quality of the studies and improve the experience for the students involved.


European Direct Information Centres (EDICs) and European Documentation Centres (EDCs)

Teachers who choose this support must specify the centre selected when submitting the application, as agreed upon with the centre itself.

See below a detailed list of the EDICs and EDCs participating in the 2019-2020 edition of ASOC and a template of the support letter to be completed by the centre chosen.

LIST OF EDICs/EDCs    EDIC/EDC support letter template (Italian)


“Friends of ASOC” associations/organisations

Teachers may choose to be supported by an organisation (association or other body) operating in their region and specialised in cohesion-policy issues (e.g. transportation, environment, education, social inclusion, energy, research and innovation, employment, culture, tourism, digital agenda, etc.) or in broader issues related to the ASOC project, such as transparency, the reuse of open data, or active citizenship. These organisations may be selected, when submitting an application, from among existing “Friends of ASOC” or suggested directly by the main teacher, so long as it has been agreed upon with the given organisation prior to submitting the application. Proposals for new “Friends of ASOC” will be evaluated when assessing the school’s application.

The organisations and associations participating in the “Friends of ASOC” network may request a letter of references by writing to

Provide a detailed description and attach an information sheet on the project for which ASOC support is being requested.

Below is a detailed list of the Friends of ASOC participating in the 2019-2020 edition of ASOC and a template of the support letter to be completed by the chosen Friends of AOC association/organisation.

FRIENDS OF ASOC LIST    FRIENDS OF ASOC support letter template (Italian)


ISTAT regional offices

Teachers may also choose to be supported in the ASOC educational programme by experts at regional Istat offices, particularly in relation to research techniques, data collection and analysis, and the organisation of local seminars and other events.

Below is a detailed list of local Istat experts supporting the ASOC project for the 2019-2020 edition.

LIST OF LOCAL ISTAT EXPERTS    ISTAT expert support letter template (Italian)