Open Data, Civic Monitoring,

Cohesion Policy for the high-school students

Actors and Roles

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An exciting educational programme to be experienced alongside your students awaits! 

It is a civic challenge in which you will have the opportunity to design a project of civic monitoring, collect and analyse data, explore the communities being observed, and report on the results of your study, all with the goal of engaging citizens and promoting the successful outcome of projects financed by way of cohesion-policy funding.

Throughout the school year, you will also learn new skills and can obtain certification for a training programme recognised by Italy’s Ministry of Education by way of the SOFIA platform (for more information, visit the section on Teacher Training).


How to participate

To participate in At the School of Open Cohesion, you will need to sign up with the site and fill out an application form, to which you will attach the authorisation of your school’s administration, a template of which may be obtained by clicking below:

School administration authorisation template (Italian)

Before proceeding, we recommend reading the information concerning the 2019-2020 edition and the page dedicated to our community. You may then select the supporters that may help you on your journey, including: an EDIC/EDC; a local ISTAT expert; or a Friends of ASOC association located in your community.

You may download the templates for the regional network agreement letters by clicking the button below:

EDIC/EDC support letter template (Italian)  Friends of ASOC support template (Italian)  Istat expert supporto letter template (Italian)


The competition

The teams producing the best research projects, as determined by a specifically appointed commission, will be given the opportunity to participate in a closing awards event in Rome, a great opportunity for further learning and to interact with guests of national and international renown. 

But that’s not all…. There are a great many At the School of Open Cohesion prizes. Take a look HERE.



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The At the School of Open Cohesion programme is for you. Together with your team, and with the help of your instructors, you’ll be ready to begin your adventure in civic monitoring. 

Each of you will have the opportunity to fill the role best suited to your skills and experience. You can be the project manager, the social media manager, a blogger, a designer, and so on….

ASOC will give you the opportunity to grow as you work on a team, learn new digital skills, discover how public funds are spent in your community, and engage citizens in verifying and discussing the efficacy of how these funds are spent.

Through your curiosity and commitment, you, too, will become active, engaged citizens with the help of a dedicated, interactive training programme.

You will have the opportunity to meet with journalists, famous artists, and other experts, and participate in workshops, seminars and other public events designed specifically for you.

Participating teams will be competing for the following prizes: a two-day trip to Brussels; a guided tour of the Italian Senate; and tours of European institutions in Brussels as part of the project’s international pilot programme being supported by the European Commission’s DG REGIO (for more information, visit ASOC in Europe).



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At the School of Open Cohesion is also aimed at civil society, which plays a fundamental role in establishing priorities and finding potential solutions to a community’s needs.

Are you part of an association/organisation interested in supporting schools in their efforts of civic monitoring? Write to Team ASOC and take part in the community to become a Friend of ASOC.

The OpenCoesione portal provides information on the projects monitored by the Italian students that have participated in all editions of ASOC. Search by year, region, municipality, or type of project (e.g. environment, infrastructure, transportation, culture, and so on) within a rich database of information in order to see and compare the performance of projects financed by way of cohesion policies and which students have monitored with great dedication and care.

At the School of Open Cohesion is an important point of contact for:

  • Journalists who make use of open data and are interested in access to new sets of data
  • Citizens interested in getting more involved in their community
  • Citizen journalists using digital media to play a role in telling the story of the community in which they live
  • Stakeholders looking to be better informed on the progress of public works and who are able to offer a closer look into the monitoring of the works themselves

Find out more HERE!