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Open Data, Civic Monitoring,

Cohesion Policy for the high-school students

Lesson 3 - Explore

This lesson is about the territory. The students will go, as a class or divided into groups, to gather information that the data collected thus far has not revealed. The monitoring visit relates in particular to the selected project or theme and is to collect additional information in the field and ask the persons concerned informed questions. Lastly, the students will be able to share everything they found on Monithon, the independent civic monitoring platform, to understand where and how the Cohesion policy funds are used.

  • Collect information directly on the territory, starting from the data analysed in the class
  • Interview the project’s key people: implementing bodies, citizens, organisations involved
  • Produce images, video material and geo-reference the projects within the territory.
  • Write a monitoring report for
In this step we will go further into certain aspects and characteristics of civic monitoring, to understand how better to organise the monitoring exploration.
20 minutes
Video + Slides
In this step we will see how to fill out the civic monitoring report for
10 minutes