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Politiche di Coesione nelle scuole italiane


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A happy ever after everyone would dream.
Pitch 1: 

We started from a project known as “Redevelopment and environmental recovery of the historical center and urban areas”. When we began to inquire closely we were told that, in the span of the 6 years it took to develop the project, the administration had decided to invest the €769.570.39 allocated to the project in suburban areas since there weren’t enough funds for the initial purpose. After checking over the exact interventions that had been carried out, we have discovered the importance of the true civic function of these parks: integration of young people, enhancing social, economic and cultural well-being. The most expensive maintenance work was the one in San Giovanni park (where our event took place), €164.571.85 were spent to improve the conditions of the entire place, as we were able to test during the event: the park is big enough to host a variety of groups, as we did, and gives them the space and the amenities to have fun.

Pitch 2: 

From the interviews we understood the importance of park maintenance, stewardship and consequently we matured the idea of arranging an event that paved the way towards a new road map. In addition to the numerous contributions, the main highlight of the project, was the “share.. condividiamo” event.Associations such as “ActionAid '' , “ AIPD Casa nostra”, an organisation for people affected by the Down syndrome, “ACLI” and some Ukranian children interacted with us. The park became a stage for our public lives. Thus, if parks function in their authentic civic role, a mutual sense of pride and ownership among diverse groups is established. Thanks to this experience we rediscovered the power of spontaneity and of the importance of devoting part of our free time to voluntary work. We are thankful for having had the opportunity to live such a relevant day, with people that have so many insightful and  authentic life stories.

Pitch 3: 

Even though our project was concluded in 2016, we intend to continue to monitor the positive effects on the territorythrough the associations that took part in the event, those that manage the parks and thus contribute to voluntary work to create and add up to greater community livability. We hope other funds will be invested in more underdeveloped zones. Moreover, we would also be very pleased to know if additional funds are going to be destined to the areas that we already monitored, to further improve their value. Although “appearances are deceptive”, because the project we had in mind turned out to focus on different areas,we are now incredibly proud and happy to have had the opportunity to discover more about the city we live in, and we hope that more young students are going to take part in research projects like ours.

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