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Titolo del Pitch: 
At the end of the Park
Pitch 1: 

The project aims to improve the offer for the visitors of the archaeological Park of Paestum, particularly for those who are affected by disabilities, by building suitable paths and structures; moreover, it is finalized to the containment of the energetic requirements by means of maintenance, restoration, and redevelopment of key areas.

We decided tomonitor this project not just because it focuses on an important part of the territory we live in, but also because it deals with an important issue for the economic, social, and cultural aspects of the territory.

During our research, we have found data about working times, costs, and affluence of the Park.

Our objective is to verify if the funds allocated for the project have been spent correctly, and if the results are visible.

Pitch 2: 

Since the beginning of our monitoring activity, we have dealt with various organizations and associations which have helped us to better understand the data, objectives, and results of the project.
Along the way, our friends from “Libera” (represented by Riccardo Christian Falcone) contributed to our research with various advice and warnings.
Subsequently, the conference with the Istat representatives was fundamental as they allowed us to quickly extrapolate all the useful data for our monitoring.
Finally, the most important turning point of our research was a series of interviews done at the Archaeological Park of Paestum, particularly the one with the archaeologist Dr. Francesco Uliano Scelza, who helped us fully understand all aspects of the project.

Pitch 3: 

At the end of this journey, our “The Diver in Data” team will continue to monitor this project through various opportunities and tools at our disposal.
Thanks to the territorial position of the project, it is easy for us to reach the Park and see the increase in tourists every day through the countless interventions implemented.
Social networks were another important control tool; with them we managed to make the project known throughout our journey, thus increasing the importance of the park from a cultural, economic, and social point of view.
Therefore, we will continue our dissemination work with the aim of raising more and more the awareness of the various national and European bodies on the potential the Park has. 

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