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Food culture by KEYQ+
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We have chosen to monitor the KEYQ project in agreement with the Croatian partner school.

We chose this project because the Croatian school was very interested in the project carried out in the area of their interest and we decided that it was a good opportunity to know a reality so far from us. We took the opportunity to expand our knowledge on cultural traditions, places and gastronomy of important historical areas.

KeyQ+ was financed by the INTERREG Italy and Croatia program,related with the goal 3.1, that is to exploit the natural e cultural heritage to improve sustainable and balanced territorial development.

The project  tackled the challenge of the increasing demand of diversification of the tourism offer in all seasons, with the goal to try to decongest the main destinations and seaside resorts located in the Adriatic area that are suffering from pressures for an internationalization of the tourism structures and mass, low-cost tourism.

Our goal was to study the project, understand its objectives and verify the correct and profitable use of the funds allocated by the European Union (€741,136.00), Revolving Fund (8.944,00) and other public funds  (65.261,00).

Together with the partner school, we have chosen the name of the team that reads "Food and Trotter Across the Border" and out of several logos created, we voted to choose one.


Pitch 2: 

We started  with searching the simplest information available on the site and on the project web site. 

The research conducted by the school from Zadar is called “Open Gate to Investigate”, and ours is called “Revaluation of traditional food culture”.

The team from each school created a google account and stored the project data on google disk. Also,students wrote a blog and published news on Facebook pages in which they described the news and activities that took place during these few months.

We have read all the documents, to understand the goals and how project partners wanted to achieve these objectives.

We found that the KeyQ + project is actually a kind of continuation of the KeyQ project

aimed at valorising agricultural and food products of Italian and Croatian rural areas, which has been implemented since 2011 to  2013.

After some thoughts we began to explore statistics based on tourism in the last two years, reading documents and articles on the web.

Despite our multiple attempts to interview the very people and companies that took part in the project we couldn't find anyone willing to tell us the cultural and financial results of it. 

We based our evaluation on the information collected from the internet and social media. We found many articles that promote the project and all the organized events. All that was written in the project has been realized. We think that in particular the creation of info points  and didactic kitchens have been really important. Another interesting venture has been training courses for younger chefs.It is valuable that  the project has included high school students who could be  actually the future of this project. From our point of view this is the best way to pass down the gastronomic traditions.It would  be awesome if these ventures were organized in all territories.Project partner realized as outputs some products like gastronomic itineraries of the different involved areas, recipe's leaflets, catalogs of typical foods. 

Pitch 3: 

The implementation of the KeyQ + project ended in 2019 and we can conclude that the goals set in the project were very successfully achieved.

The project allowed us to know areas far from ours, thanks to video recipes, tutorials created by different chefs we could learn about the gastronomic traditions of the areas involved. It would be important that what has been created through the Keyq+ project is continued even now that the project is over. Realities such as the creation of an educational kitchen in the Pula Civic Market are really important in order not to lose our history in this period of globalization. 

The success of the project and the achievement of its goals is evidenced by the fact that the KeyQ + project was named the Best EU project in the category” Contribution to cross-border cooperation”.

Tourism is a fundamental resource but it is necessary to aim for a quality tourism that enhances the territories and that is not concentrated only in some areas.

We will continue to monitor the areas involved to see if the project has actually brought the desired changes.

We hope that this kind of project can also be carried out in other territories. We believe that today more than ever it is very important to keep the traditions alive and nothing  is  better than linking them to gastronomy.

We hope also that we would  be able to use and upgrade the knowledge and skills we have acquired through this project in future cooperation and activities related to EU projects.



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