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Politiche di Coesione nelle scuole italiane

Raccontare la ricerca di dati e informazioni

What do we do?

We started with the choice of a project to monitor that interested and concerned most of the components, as we've described in the previous section "Raccontare la ricerca". Subsequently each of us chose the role that represented them within the group. Our attention fell on the project concerning the construction of the Green Belt cycle path in Turin, our city. We chose this project both because many of us live in the vicinity where the cycle path is planned to be installed, and to contribute to reducing pollution caused by automotive traffic. We are sure of the positive influence on the environment that a simple cycle path can provide. We also want to involve our fellow citizens of all ages in limiting the use of polluting means of transport and make them of alternative vehicles (bicycles and scooters) to protect the environment. We intend to undertake this involvement through social media, since they are an excellent means of communication nowadays. 

We received a dedicated training in the use of the media in a special gathering organized by EuropeDirect with the 4 schools in the Torino area that are 

The start of the project was scheduled for January 1, 2018, concretely the beginning of construction dates back to May 21, 2019; the end of the project is assumed to be 15 December 2020. The total length of the Green Belt cycle path is 3.20 km, however 1.37 km have been built until 31 July 2020. The total cost of the construction is € 1,088,638.75, while payments made up to July 31, 2020 consist of € 626,001.05. The data regarding the number of cars per 100 inhabitants present discrepancies, we have taken care of looking for these at European level. The research was very interesting, we learned that in Italy there are 65 cars for every 100 inhabitants, as opposed to Paris that there are 36, in Stockholm and Vienna 38 cars, while in London, Berlin and Barcelona 41. These latest figures focus on a problem that affects Italy above all. Turin is one of the most polluted Italian cities, actually 82% of the air pollution of the metropolis is caused by polluting means of transport. We will use this data in the best possible way to make the citizens of Turin aware of the environmental impact caused by non-ecological means of transport.

Certainly we will need further data relating to the cycle path, given that the ones we have at our disposal date back to 31 July 2020 and due to Covid-19 we cannot go there to verify the data at this point. But it may be possible, if the conditions do not decline, that we can carry on our research on site at the beginnig of the new year. Otherwise we will have to find ways of continuing our research through the resourses of the internet.

Our aim is to increase sustainable mobility in urban areas through the construction and use of cycle paths. Our work is based on enhancing ecological means of transport, trying to involve through social media most citizens in using them. The culmination of our research will be the monitoring of the project, beyond this school year, till the completion of the Green Belt cycle path.