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Turin, the green city!

With regard to the data to be analysed, we concentrated primarily on an economic part, which includes the development of payments and the associations that helped to make these funds available. The other part includes the construction of the cycle path. Secondly, we have decided to include a section on the development of cycle paths in our city: Turin. 

To complete the Greenbelt project, funding of € 626,001.05 has so far been invested in a total of € 1,088,638.00, or 57% of the total needed. We observed that the payments already made exceed by a small percentage (7 %)  the still missing payments. The funds aimed at the development of the project are contributions from the European Union and the Revolving Fund, both shall contribute equally economically. The "green belt" will develop for a length of about 3 kilometers and 200 meters (60% on road and 40% on paths inside parks). The two-way route reserved for bicycles will aim to encourage any type of eco-sustainable movement (realized: 1.37 km, or 43.00% of the total, missing: 1.83 km, which represents 57.00%).

In recent years, the city of Turin has been the protagonist of a progressive development with regard to the length of cycle paths, thus increasing sustainable mobility. In the following table we can observe the progress of the construction of cycle paths from 2013 to 2018:


  Kms of track built


178.6 km


180.7 km


190.7 km


197.2 km


200 km


207 km

With the increase in services and cycle paths, the number of vehicles (bicycles) has increased, as has their use and, above all, bike sharing services are more widespread. In fact, we can observe that, since 2017, a new type of service has appeared, called "free flow", which is much more efficient than the previous ones.