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Appearances are deceptive...

Once upon a time in Campobasso, the Marconi Street Pals were carrying out their regular urban walking, an act of exploration, "political" protest, practicality or discovery since there is no better way to get to know a city than to tread its streets, wander between the dwellings and stroll aimlessly. This art of wandering led them unexpectedly to the discovery of a project: "Redevelopment and environmental recovery of historical centres and urban areas". Moved by great curiosity, they started their enquiries... While searching closely here and there, to check the evidence of the protection and enhancement policies for the recovery and regeneration of their historic urban townscape, our Pals were not able to identify any change. Thanks to further investigations about the nature of the draft, they discovered that the financing plan had been allocated for the recovery of other urban areas. What appeared to be a potential turn over for the outlook of the old town seemed to fade away...

Let's have a look to the evolution and variations concerning the project that initially seemed to be destined for  the refurbishing of the old town.

The project selected, was a part of the PISU (Integrated Urban Development Project), a funding programme brought forward by the European Union through the regions, in order to encourage urban regeneration projects on site or in alternative locations. The idea of the plan started in 2007 but the actual works began on June 12th 2013, under the administration of  former mayor Di Bartolomeo Luigi, and were completed in 2016. In the period between 2007 and 2013, other administrators took over the municipality of Campobasso, which is why the initial strategic project was put aside, and replaced by the plan for the redevelopment of some degraded urban areas, since the funds available were not considered sufficient for the historic centre of Campobasso. The total sum provided was € 769,570.39, but actually only a part of it (€ 578,200) was used in the redevelopment of seven urban areas of Campobasso, and the remaining money was used for taxes. All these works pertain to OG03 ''Road works'', which provided an amount of €306,358.60, and to OS24 ''Green and urban furniture'', which provided an amount of € 271,841.40. The designers, instead, are Stelvio Bagnoli (architect) and Angelo Di Soccio (surveyor).

Now let's look thoroughly into the interventions they carried out:


The first maintenance work concerned the football pitch located in San Giovanni park and it required a sum of €164.571,85 spent on:

1)Placement of three new streetlights

2)Pitch's drainage; artificial grass cover; placement of two football goals; fencing of the football field

3)Installation of two covered bleachers on the sides of the pitch

In Via Trentino Alto Adige, the location of the park, street flooring was carried out


The second maintenance work regarded the green area in via Marche and €57.900,00 were spent on:

1)Placement of four streetlights, five wooden benches, five baskets and a cast iron fountain

2)Collocation of various games for children

3)Garden maintenance


The third maintenance work concerned the street and the green area located near Fasolino neighborhood and required €28.915,92 for:

1)Improvement of the street flooring and road links

2)Games for children

3)Two streetlights, two wooden benches, four baskets


The fourth maintenance work concerned the tennis/volleyball court in Via San Giovanni and required €87,373.63 for:

1)Fencing of the tennis and volleyball court together with equipment

2)Strategic shifting of lighting sources

3)Improvement of the football field and of its access area


The fifth maintenance work involved the park in via Campania and required €80,841.40 for:


2)Ground care and fencing

3)6 wooden benches and 6 baskets


The sixth maintenance work concerned the green area behind a kindergarten located in the CEP neighborhood and required €21,190.00 for:

1)2 streetlights, 3 wooden benches, 3 baskets

2)5 games for children

3)Fencing of the area


The seventh maintenance work concerned Via Quircio and the attached green area which required €137,407.20 for:

1)Improvement of the road surface

2)16 streetlights

3)Ground care and fencing


All in all, even if the Marconi Street Pals were misled by their first impressions, they were extremely pleased with their happy and satisfactory achievements. They learnt that this project has brought a great impact on the community for the following reasons. Firstly the improvements in these areas have stimulated people to enhance social interactions and cohesion. As a consequence, more business activities have been started up in order to meet the needs of the community. Secondly, cultural events have been held in these green areas such as art exhibitions, sports competitions, music festivals, theatre performances and other shows. It has had a favorable impact on the citizens by helping them escape from their home confinement during the neverending period characterized by the spreading of the SARS COV 2 pandemic. Is it true that appearances are really deceptive?

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