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ASOC ETC Italy-Croatia: 2nd Edition underway!

19 janvier 2023


The introductory webinar held on 13 January launched the second edition of ASOC ETC Italy-Croatia, aimed at Italian and Croatian schools.

The webinar (registration available here) was attended by the teachers of the Italian and Croatian schools involved, the responsibles and experts of the Managing Authority and the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg Italy-Croatia 2014-2020 program, representatives of the ASOC team and of the ministry Croatian regional development and EU funds.

During the event the objectives and phases of the project were illustrated and the matching of the Italian and Croatian schools that will work in pairs was also carried out:

IIS “Benedetti-Tommaseo” – Venezia (Veneto Region)

Privatna srednja škola Aspalathos – Dugopolje (Splitsko-dalmatinska County)

IIS “Volterra-Elia” – Ancona (Marche Region)

Srednja škola – Duga Resa (Karlovačka County)

Liceo Classico e Linguistico “Giacomo Leopardi” – Macerata team 1 (Marche Region)

Srednja poljoprivredna i tehnička škola – Opuzen (Dubrovačko-neretvanska County)

Liceo Classico e Linguistico “Giacomo Leopardi” – Macerata team 2 (Marche Region)

Ekonomsko-birotehnička i trgovačka škola – Zadar (Zadarska County)

Istituto Tecnico “Tito Acerbo” – Pescara (Abruzzo Region)

Komercijalno-trgovačka škola – Split (Splitsko-dalmatinska County)

Istituto Scolastico Omnicomprensivo di Guglionesi - Campobasso (Molise Region)

Građevinska tehnička škola – Rijeka (Primorsko-goranska County)

IIS “Boccardi-Tiberio” – Termoli (Molise Region)

Prirodoslovna škola – Karlovac (Karlovačka County)

Liceo Scientifico “Carlo Cafiero” – Barletta (Apulia Region)

Prva riječka hrvatska gimnazija – Rijeka (Primorsko-goranska County)


The pairs of Italian and Croatian team-classes will carry out the ASOC educational path monitoring the same project selected within the Interreg Italy-Croatia Programme. Civic monitoring research will thus be conducted by observing the same autonomously selected project, but from different points of view. Each team-class will thus be able to analyze and explore the progress and impacts of the cross-border cooperation project with respect to their own territory, relating to the respective actors (project partners, implementing bodies, beneficiaries), to then compare the results of their own monitoring with those obtained by the "twin" class-team.

Teachers will have the opportunity to get in touch with Programme representatives and experts, who will support schools in choosing which project to monitor, also providing detailed information on the selected projects.

The next few days will see the setup of the Lesson 1 web page on the ASOC platform. The same path will be carried out on the Croatian ASOC platform.



ASOC ETC Italy-Croatia is organized within the OpenCoesione/ASOC initiative - Department for Cohesion Policy, and is approved by the Monitoring Committee composed of members of the Italian and Croatian delegation and supported by the Interreg V A Italy- Croatia 2014-2020 Managing Authority.