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Politiche di Coesione nelle scuole italiane


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Angels' streets!
Pitch 1: 

Our team, Angels in the Air (AITA) from Liceo Scientifico Linguistico E. Fermi Nuoro, is analysing all data in order to inform citizens about the funds that are allocated by European Union.
These funds are addressed to AREUS, which is a branch of the Sardinian health care
system that deals with emergencies.
In particular, we would like to understand how the system works, and inform citizens about the European funds and how AREUS is increasing the intervention of helicopters and ambulances in emergency situations throughout Sardinia.
The funds are financing the project that we are monitoring which is the installation of new technologies in helicopters, that allow the intervention in critique cases, such as bad weather conditions when other means of transport cannot intervene.

Pitch 2: 

We investigated about AREUS’ purpose and functions, which however isn’t just about helicopter rescue indeed it delivers PPEs to all the regional sanitary associations. The funding which we are interested in, is about the distribution of those PPEs that are essential especially in this pandemic period. We were helped by Alessandro Lutzu ( ASOC’s friend) and Salvatore Boeddu (Head of Europe Direct Nuoro) who gave us the key information to have a general idea of how European fundings (FESR) work. Furthermore he prepared us to have an interview in AREUS’ headquarter where we asked about the AREUS’ functions: Mrs. Andreina Fois and Mrs. Annalisa Moro together with Mr. Deiana gently answered and clarified their role in the Sardinian health care system.

Pitch 3: 

We are going to monitor the project in the future to be sure about the grow-up progress of AREUS, in fact, visiting AREUS HQ we found out that the company is quite young but in constant  development.
Our final goal is to keep under monitoring all the association’s activities finalised to create an efficient emergency medical service for all the Sardinian citizens. We will monitor all available information sources such as the Opencoesione portal, the AREUS and ATS website, also keeping in touch with the two managers of the company met during the monitoring visit in Areus offices Mr. Luca Deiana and Mrs. Andreina Fois together with Annalisa Moro.

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