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We are a team of students of “Liceo d’Arconate e d’Europa”, in the province of Milan, who care about the upgrading and the securing of the "Alessandro Manzoni" secondary school, which must be carried out efficiently. 

Our school was founded in 1972, so it’s a quite an old institute. During the years it has undergone several changes and the last one was financed in order to improve the safety of the school. Since 2010, our school has been connected with other schools and it became an “all-embracing” school.

Since we are part of an inclusive school, we consider the protection of its student’s health a crucial detail. 

Was the project efficient in securing the school?

The advantage of monitoring a completed project is the easy research of informations. 

In fact, in our research, the data on economic investments are very important, also with the documents on security measures to guarantee an efficient improvement of the structure.

For the purpose of the requalification and securing of the school, several tenders were launched, which were made known by the document ESPD and through the "economic offer annex C", where the various economic offers proposed are given and whose final amount paid is 22,338,15€.

The project idea was born since we find essential the safety and efficiency of schools. In addition, the school accompanies us to form our future and, consequently, it is essential to live in a safe, peaceful and renewed space. Our school "Liceo d'Arconate e d'Europa" is an institute characterized by contacts with other European nations. 

The union between the desire to give a new life to our territory and our belonging to Europe, gave rise to the name: Neurope. 

Also, the logo of our team wants to represent who we are, which means “dreamers who want the best for the adults of the future”.

The aim of our project is to ensure that all the money invested, has been spent to a full protection of the school complex, without them being wasted on useless works, in fact it turns out that 100% of the capital, invested by the municipality of Arconate, was spent.

In conclusion, we hope that this project, carried out by young minds, could be a starting point for a constant improvement of school structures.