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The AGORA' of Culture

We are 22 students attending the class 4H of the scientific high school “Giuseppe Battaglini” from Taranto, Apulia, Italy. 

We have chosen At the School of OpenCohesion as a path of our PCTO experience.

ASOC is an innovative educational path thought to promote and develop principles of active and aware citizenship in Italian schools, through research activities and civic monitoring of European and national funding. Since we have discovered it, we thought ASOC would have been an enriching experience both for us and our city, that could have given us the possibility to concretely do a small part in making it a better place.

Among the various options, we have decided to carry out this civic monitoring on how the funds reserved for the "Pietro Acclavio’s Civic Library" have been spent. We have chosen a library because we trust in the importance of culture, especially in a historical city as ours: TARANTO! So that’s THE AGORA’ OF CULTURE!. 

The logo we have chosen, representative of the project, it is characterized by the prevalence of blue and red, the two typical colours of Taranto with its ancient Greek origins. The foreground is marked by the image of a small book, it refers to the place we have chosen for ASOC project: "Pietro Acclavio’s Civic Library", with a trident in the right hand, also a symbol of the city of Taranto. The signature couldn't have been missing to personalize the project with the particularly original title chosen "Shelfie", born from the union of two terms "SHELF", to once again recall the library environment, and finally "SELFIE".

We have decided to adopt the English language as the main one for our project. The reason is the kindness and availability of our English teacher, Mrs Maria Grazia Cuppone, as well as because English is the bridge that connects people all around the world, offering them cultural exchanges and important developing professional knowledge. Being well aware of this, our English teacher has caught the opportunity to introduce us to a more practical use of English than the one we perform at school suggesting it through a CLIL methodology.


While discussing with the library director, Mr Gianluigi Pignatelli, he exposed us a "doubt-problem" in an ambitious project like the Acclavio's Library one. Since Taranto is not a real universitary city yet because of the lack of its own independent universities, it may not be ready for such a culturally relevant place. But he also said that, thanks to the work of citizens like us, young active responsible students, one day Taranto will honour its glorious past and elevate itself to a major cultural awareness.

Do the best to... shape yours(h)elf!