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Titolo del Pitch: 
Neurope exploring Manzoni's middle school
Pitch 1: 

The safety of all students, teachers and staff is a key priority for every school. Being able to feel protected is a common need that contributes to the well-being of the people who attend lessons and work inside the school building. With this aim in mind, the Arconate and Buscate school complex undertook a project to renovate its infrastructures in order to increase the level of safety and reduce the risk of accidents.
We decided to monitor this project because most of us have been attending school there and we wanted to know how it had evolved structurally over time, so we came across some photos of the school in the 1980s and 1990s on the internet and discovered that the complex was completely different from what it looks like today.
The project we decided to monitor is one of the many projects financed by MIUR, together with the municipality of Arconate, for the renovation and upgrading of the Alessandro Manzoni middle school in Arconate.

Pitch 2: 

The key points of the monitoring activity were the following:
Internet research of information for the project (budget, expenses, organization of work);
monitoring of the work done in the high school;
Requesting official documents from the City of Arconate;
Identification of project collaborators (mayor, surveyor, safety officer, contractor, administrator);
Interview with surveyor and former mayor.

What we found out:
There was a minimal amount of asbestos in the school, which was removed through the project;
The fire detection system was not connected to the municipal water supply: this was put in place with the project;
High-quality materials were used and fireproof doors were installed on the entire ground floor of the school.

Pitch 3: 

Given that the monitored project has been successfully completed, and that it was one of the many projects funded for the improvement of the Manzoni middle school, we will try to constantly monitor all the various projects that will be carried out in the future, thus verifying all the improvements that will be planned and made to the school step by step.
Our desire is to spread awareness on this very important and topical issue for every part of our school district complex, from primary to middle and high school, with the aim to avoid unpleasant events and accidents, but above all to make our school complex one at the cutting edge in terms of safety and a reference point not only for the municipal area, but for the entire county.

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