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The abandoned mine known as Le Cetine (Chiusdino), place of science and historical memory.

Hello everybody!

In this post we’ll show you our work.

The project we have chosen is about the decontamination of an abandoned mine known as Le Cetine. The area seems to be contaminated by high quantities of heavy metals.

Our goal is to establish if this the data collected are true and if it has been done the correct legal procedure. As there was an intention of creating a mineral park, we want to understand why the construction stopped and if there is a chance to save the historical and cultural site and the landscape.

In class we have decided to split our team in 3 groups to search for information about:
- the environmental management;
- heavy metals and their relationship with the ecosystem;
- the local history.

The Region considered Le Cetine a geological resource. Heavy metals, in high quantities, influence the vegetal composition. The limit value depends on the future destination. Painters and academies owned this place.

Our research will be important for the local population as it could influence the landscape and the economy of the area. Plus, if the area will be destinated to the creation of a mineral park it could represent an income and a resource for the university.