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Politiche di Coesione nelle scuole italiane

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A dip in the archeological site of Paestum

We, the students of “the Diver in Data” team, have decided to verify how the intervention policies on the renowned archeological site of  Paestum involve and positively affect the territory we live in.

The chosen project concerns the works of redevelopment, restoration and functional/technological adaptation works, aimed at implementing the visits offer, at the improvement for a safe use, at the accessibility by the disabled and at the containment of the energy needs of the area which extends from the walls of “Porta Aurea” to “Torre 18” and the “Insulae”, and also to verify the protections of the paths, if equipped with adeguate signs, reclamation of weed vegetation, didactic set-ups and informative material.

It is a project that operates on an area of 43,925 square meters and it is part of  the PON FESR CULTURE AND TOURISM funding from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. The programmed amount is € 9.023.947,36 and is financed by the European Regional Development Fund which has already used 23% of the total amount.

The start of the project dates back to 03/05/2019 while the end of the intervention unfortunately remains on a date to be determined.