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Our first step

Hi everyone, we’re the Italians Histo-CRIT-iCall. We are a group of 16 students involved into this project. We’re taking our first steps within it and we want to document them. We’re so excited to start this new adventure.

We’ve decided to undertake this project for our love for history and roots. Working with  this project we are trying to promote our resources, culture, and city.

The name was born from a wordplay, mixing all the topics of the work itself: history because we are a part of it and we must represent it, CR and IT that correspond to CRoatia and ITaly, and iCall that reminds of the technological devices that we use on daily bases.

We've decided to open up some social media accounts to promote our project and give atestimony about what we’re doing, updating them constantly and making everybody a part of it while they’re scrolling through our contents.

We also have something to say about the logo that we’ve designed. We thought about something that could include both of our countries (Italy and Croatia) and to highlight the spirit of our stunning and amazing countries,

We wanted to point out the greatness, the beauty, the historical and geological features that connect bothcountries.