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When even a sea can't stop us from working together
Pitch 1: 

The Coastenergy project revolves around the safeguard of the planet by creating blue energy in the Adriatic sea, the blue energy is a relatively new type of energy being both ecological and renewable since with some devices set on the coast of the sea we are able to take advantage of the waves constantly moving the machine. Out of all the project to supervise our group decided to go with Coastenergy to help the environment, climate change is still a very dangerous issue that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible and we think that helping the creation of a new clean energy would be beneficial to the ecosystem way more than the other choices we had available, we hope that this discovery will reduce by a long shot the pollution from industries and vehicles.


Pitch 2: 

We may say that we are participating in this project because we love and want to save nature. So why did we choose coastenergy? Well, our cities are coastal cities. Our main focus was finding out how aware the public is when it comes to possibilities of sea energy usage and how we actually use it here. Well, to be honest the public is not well informed, and we do not use blue energy nearly enough. Still, to improve the situation, we are using our knowledge and trying to share our message among the people that want to hear it, even if it is just our friends and colleagues from school. We can raise awareness about possibilities and change the world's perspective about the sea and any other green source of energy.



Pitch 3: 

Until now we don’t have actual projects going on for Coastenergy, it’s all on paper. So there are no future projects to follow up based on Coastenergy, and we are waiting to get news about the final stage of Coastenergy itself. Both in Pescara and Dubrovnik there are no installations for the blue energy, but once the project has come to the end phase and the awareness of the blue energy is raised, we hope the funds for the installations will arrive and we’ll start to produce energy from the sea as soon as possible.


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