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Back to the Bike

What are we talking about? 
Back to the Bike is the name we chose for our project for the Open Cohesion program. Our task consists in extending Rome's bicycle lane up to 12,6 km. It is still in progress but we have planned to have it finished by the  31/12/2022. The monitored cost is €2.978.052,29, 50% financed by the rotation fund  and 50% by UE. Only €60.000 have already been payed (2%). 

How did the researches go? 
It all began on 11th November when we were firstly introduced to the Open Cohesion  program. Our attention was captured by the extension of the cycle network, precisely in our area. We wanted to focus on people’s needs in terms of easy mobility and we figured out that cycle paths were missing in most of districts.

Why did we choose to present this topic? 
The idea to use back two  wheals vehicle without a car engine, by which a person can go to its destination  avoiding traffic, working out, being healthy and  respecting the environment at the same time it's not a DREAM! It seems a trivial  argument, because everyone mentions it but it ends to be so difficult to make it concrete at the financial level to invest in structures like this and to change  people’s minds in their DAILY HABITS!